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Laney Callahan

ragnhild utne photography, utnephoto, laney callahan, samantha nicholls, chadwick models, portrait, broncolor, studio, rmit university., melbourne, australia

ragnhild utne photography, utnephoto, laney callahan, samantha nicholls, chadwick models, portrait, broncolor, studio, rmit university., melbourne, australia

ragnhild utne photography, utnephoto, laney callahan, samantha nicholls, chadwick models, portrait, broncolor, studio, rmit university., melbourne, australia

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting this stunning girl form Chadwick Models after almost a year. Laney is so easy to photograph. Put her into any setting, and she’ll nail it. Plus, her eyes and eyebrows are also ridiculously beautiful. Makeup and hair by talented Samantha Nicholls. The shirt is from Acne Studios.

Electric Eel

makeup shoot, electric eel, lucy's magazine, ragnhild utne, photography, utnephoto, samantha nicholls, anne nicholls, pride model, mollie thorn

A few weeks ago I photographed the stunning Mollie Thorn from Pride Models for a makeup series together with talented makeup artist Samantha Nicholls and hairstylist Anne Nicholls.
The photos have now been published on Lucy’s Magazine website, so head on over there to see the rest of the images.

What’s to Come

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You know when you’re far into the semester and realising you don’t have much time left to do all the things you should’ve started weeks ago? Well, that’s where I’m at. The days just passed too quickly and I suddenly ended up in week 8. And with only 12 weeks to get stuff done, I’m finding myself short of time.
I feel like things are finally going my way. I’ve decided that I will absolutely pursue my dreams about becoming a photographer. It’s better regretting the things you did than regretting the things you didn’t do, right? And I’m actually getting really excited about what’s to come. I have so many ideas in mind so there will be lots of shoots coming up on this blog in the next few months!

DIY Pencil Cup

I’ve been obsessing over all things shiny the last few months and since I can’t afford getting all these fancy things from interior stores, I decided to make something on my own – and this pencil cup definitely stands out from the rest of the stuff in my room. And you know what the best part is? You only need two things to be able to make it.
First, when you go grocery shopping, grab one of the cans filled with either tomatoes, chickpeas, corn, or whatever you need for your next meal. Preferably a pop-top can so you get a smoother edge on the inside. Then you’ll need gold spray paint. I got a can from Bunnings Warehouse in Melbourne for only $3.40. My conclusion was that it was basically free (not really, but almost). If you’re based in Norway they’ve got similar ones at Biltema.
And now you’re good to go! Spray paint 2 layers. Let it dry for about 3 minutes after the first layer and 20 minutes when you’re done with both layers. And now you’ve got yourself a stylish pencil cup!

Acne Studios

acne studios, linen shirt, pink, melbourne, australia

I treated myself to a linen shirt from Acne Studios the other day. My excuse was that I didn’t get anything for myself for my birthday last month. I still think that was a great excuse. Acne Studios always use these soft, cute colours for their clothes, which I absolutely love. And their Scandinavian design reminds me of home.
I’ll be going home to Norway and summer in exactly two months today. So many people have been telling me to stay for the entire year seeing as it’s my last one in Australia, which I understand, but Melbourne winter is just so depressing. You constantly feel cold and it’s difficult finding a warm place where you can heat up. I could always head up north but what’s the point in that when my “home” is in Melbourne.
My days have been extremely busy lately. I got a job in the city less than a month ago and I’ve been working so much more than expected. And with uni, ANSA and work at the same time, I sure have something filling up my schedule. But it’s kind of nice being busy, though, I would get bored otherwise.

Sensory Lab

Melbourne is known for having the world’s best coffee, and I can’t argue with that statement. My newest housemate and her friend got me a moka pot for my birthday and it was about time that I got some quality coffee for it. Sensory Lab on Little Collins Street in Melbourne never disappoints – and their packaging design is pretty rad as well, so I brought home a box of coffee which has a bit of chocolatey flavour to it. And it’s also great with a dash of milk.
They also have a little spot at David Jones on Bourke Street, on first floor (first floor is actually 2nd flor by European standards. Australian’s 1st floor is ground floor), so you can sit down for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake if you’re tired of shopping.
Now, my next task will be to locate their own coffee shop in Bondi, Sydney.
The Design Letters cup from Arne Jacobsen was a perfect ‘moving out’ gift from my friend, Ingrid.

sensory lab, coffee, roasters, bag, box, melbourne, collins street, cbd, light, natural light

sensory lab, coffee roasters, melbourne and bondi, cbd, little collins street

sensory lab, coffee roasters, melbourne and bondi, cbd, design letter, bialetti

Check out Sensory Lab’s website, their homepage looks rad too!