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Ragnhild Utne


Before Christmas I collaborated with my friends and designers, Stine Kristoffersen and Kyle Gilbert, who in October launched Étiquette – a ring label that encapsulates their taste for aesthetics with the vision ‘simpe yet significant’. The rings are perfect for every occasion. They’re not too bold nor too shiny. I’ve been wearing my own ‘The Heidi’ nonstop.
You can see their entire collection of men’s and women’s sterling silver rings on their website.
The model photographed is young beauty Elizabeth Buller from FRM Models in Melbourne, wearing makeup beautifully done by Mariska Harasymiw. Styling by myself.

A day in Oslo

Since my flight down to Melbourne was departing from Oslo just over a week ago, and before I had to survive a 40 degrees temperature change, my mum and I went to Oslo a day earlier to enjoy the city together.
Luckily to me, Christmas lasted a bit longer in Oslo. Winter is my favourite season of the year along with Christmas. I love the darkness, the cold, and all the fairy lights that have been put up. It sounds crazy as I’m currently living in Australia. The news is (can’t say it’s either good or bad) that I’ll be moving back home in mid-March. My plan was to stay in Australia and apply for a new visa, but the longer I stay the harder it will be to leave at a later stage. Copenhagen will be awaiting me in late July – which is another dream come true. Plus, I’m totally in love with Scandinavia.

2015 in review

2015 was a busy year for me. Because so many things happened – some worth mentioning, some not – I’ve tried to sum it up as shortly as possible through a few questions to myself.

What countries did you visit? Australia (of course), Scotland, Singapore, New Zealand.

What was the most amazing place you visited? That’s a tough one. It’s either Edinburgh or the Whitsunday Islands.

What important lesson did you learn? To get out of bad situations as soon as possible.

What one event will you tell your grandchildren about? That I was invited to meet Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway at their first official state visit to Australia in February.

What have you done in 2015 that you want to do more of in the future? Travel! In 2015, I sat on 47 different airplanes and I’m currently carrying 5 different currencies. I feel like these are great excuses to travel again in near future.

What are you proud of? That I was elected as a new board member of ANSA’s Main Board for 15/16.

What is your favourite photo taken in 2015? I couldn’t decide, so these two are probably my favourites out of the bunch of photos I’ve taken over the year.

What goals did you achieve this year? I graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) with Distinction.

What will you do differently this year? To bring my camera with me everywhere I go like I used to, and to not be as critical to my work as I sometimes can be – it’s killing the fun of photography. And also to work harder and build my career.


I had the pleasure of working with talented Fashion Designer Andrija Sala-Christopher a few weeks ago, where we shot her graduate collection at RMIT University. The series was published on Coeval Magazine last week. Have a look at the feature here.
For her Major Project, she has continued following her interest and exploration of political and historic subject matter, from her point of view that fashion is an evolving visual language of communication. Her collection, ‘The Disappeared’, considers the topic of censorship by looking back to the tyrannical reign of Joseph Stalin and the extreme processes that were used to manipulate and control the Soviet people.
Makeup by Maddie Levett, hair by Angela Oulsnam, styling by Grace Louey, model is Ashlee Anne Scotland at Giant Management Melbourne.


Emma Håkansson

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with this natural beauty from Scene Model Management in Melbourne. Makeup and hair was done by talented Mariska Harasymiw.

Sydney weekend

Just recently I had a friend from Norway visiting me in Melbourne for two weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much in such a short time frame before. We went to Sydney the first weekend, picked up a car at Melbourne airport when we got back and headed to both Phillip Island and Great Ocean Road the next coming days. We saw everything from kangaroos to koalas crossing the road.
Unfortunately for my friend visiting, I had to fly to Edinburgh the next weekend to attend another ANSA board meeting – which was incredible. I’ve heard so many nice things about Edinburgh and I was lucky to finally be going there as I fell completely in love. There were so many wonderful buildings in one place.
The last few days before she had to go home and continue her studies in Norway for the semester, we enjoyed the Melbourne sun and incredible food.

Gender-free zone

The last issue of my magazine was recently published and along with the release I also redesigned the website, which you can check out here. Talented writer Zara Ali wrote an article about gender segmentation and how it constrained the fashion world years ago. For her article I photographed stunning May-Helen in rather masculine, though still feminine, clothes from Acne Studios, Levi’s etc.