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It’s scary how fast time passes. It feels like I moved to Australia a few months ago but I’ve lived there for 2 years now and am both excited and scared about starting my 3rd at RMIT Uni. The scary part is what’s going to happen once I finish. Will I stay? Will I move to another great city to pursue my dreams? Or will I decide to do something entirely different? Photography has been such a big passion the last years and has only grown since. I can’t imagine myself doing something differently as a career – I always feel like I need to create something.

And since it’s a new year, and everyone’s making these new year’s resolutions, I decided to make a few of my own. First of all, I will blog heaps more than what I’ve done the last two years. Blogging is not just a way of sharing my photos and thoughts with you but also a way of looking back at all the wonderful things that have happened. And seeing as my last year in Australia has started, I will have so much to look back at.
And now that I finally got the MacBook I’ve been drooling over, I can start blogging on the go.

Second, shoot more. I spend so much time planning shoots but usually end up never doing them. I always take photos for our uni assignments but sometimes I forget why I wanted to do photography in the first place. So, I will start shooting more for me and not forgetting why I love it so much.

In a year, I’ll look back at this post and see if I actually succeeded.


Shot for the latest issue of Freedom Magazine.

Model: Megan Emmett @ Wink Models Sydney

Hair and makeup: Lisa Fahey

Styling: The Sartorial Society

Location: Sydney Opera House

Greece Summer 2014

Here are a few photos from when I went to Greece this Summer with my dad and sister to go sailing for 12 days. We staid at a small island called Aegina for the most of the time, as there were some things we needed to sort out with our boat. We had incredible weather, probably a bit too incredible as we barely got any wind to sail with.


We had to sort some things out with port police and customs in Athens, and since it’s only a 4o mins boat ride from Aegina, we made a day out of it. Visiting Acropolis is never a bad idea.


We’ve been to Aegina countless times before, and this is the place we usually buy the fruit to take with us on the boat. They have the best produce and they always recognise us which is quite fun.


If you don’t like cats, don’t go to Greece. It’s as simple as that. There are so many! My sister and I enjoy it though.

The pretty harbour of Aegina.


My beautiful sister.

One of the little streets of Aegina.


My dad naming our new sailboat. It’s called Erica II after our first boat Erica.


Amazing sunset.

Golden Girl

A test shoot with gorgeous model and musician Elle Graham from Chadwick Models.

Makeup by Kat Desouza.

Styling by me.


Lookbook shoot for Xanadu the Label.

Model: Shadelle Smith @ Chadwick Models

Makeup: Amy Bysouth

Styling: Me

Shop the clothes here.

Make Me Up

Model: Laney Callahan @ Chadwick Models

Makeup & hair: Kat Desouza

Freedom Magazine Issue 2

Hey all creative minds! Submissions for issue 2 of Freedom Magazine are now open! Head over to mag-freedom.com for details on how to submit!