Ragnhild Utne

Gender-Free Zone

The last issue of my magazine was recently published and along with the release I also redesigned the website, which you can check out here. Talented writer Zara Ali wrote an article about gender segmentation and how it constrained the fashion world years ago. For her article I photographed stunning May-Helen in rather masculine, though still feminine, clothes from Acne Studios, Levi’s etc. 


In April I was contacted by Pjong!, a Norwegian online culture magazine, and was asked if I wanted to take some photos for them. Along with the series I also wrote a little article about my passion for photography and why I went to Australia to pursue it. It’s written in Norwegian, but you might as well head over just to enjoy all the amazing content on their website. Model is the gorgeous Hanna Friis from TEAM Models.

ANSA 2015/16

Last weekend was rather unusual. I travelled from Melbourne to Oslo for the weekend to attend my first meeting as a representative of ANSA’s Main Board. I know, it was a long trip for just two nights, but it was definitely worth it. The woman at the passport control in Melbourne thought it was strange too. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that many questions when arriving Australia before. She probably knows more about ANSA now than any average Norwegian studying abroad.
And the last week has been painful because of heavy jet lag. My hopes are up, though, and it feels like this is the last day of messed up sleeping rhythm. Hopefully. In 3 days I’m off again to attend ANSA Singapore’s annual general meeting. This year is probably going to be one of the most exciting years of my existence.

Hammer and Tong

After going through Broadsheet’s website for some good cafés in the Fitzroy area for a nice Saturday lunch, my friend Steph and I ended up on this cool place just off Brunswick Street. With the good feedback and interesting menu, you could expect it to be busy during lunchtime on the weekend – which it clearly was.
After waiting for just 10 minutes, we were seated and quickly decided to order the ‘pollywaffle’. Halfway through the Nutella-coated waffle I remembered how sick I feel after sweet meals and almost regretted not getting the braised mushrooms with eggs on cornbread instead. The overall food experience was good – especially the iced latte (oh, how I will miss Melbourne coffee). I can definitely recommend getting your lunch here if you’re visiting Melbourne.
After thinking about it, I probably should’ve called this post ‘Melbourne Food Critics nr. 1’.

Oslo Weekend

I came home from a short trip to Oslo on Monday, to meet people that I’ve met in Melbourne. I finally got to visit the F5 Concept Store on Øvre Slottsgate 5 that I’ve been following on Instagram for a while. They only carry Norwegian brands and designers – everything from clothes and bags to accessories and magazines. I grabbed a woolen beanie on sale, preparing myself for Melbourne winter.

We enjoyed breakfast at Aker Brygge, spent too much money on one meal and got to be tourists in Oslo. Until it started raining on Monday and we had no idea what to do, because obviously Mondays are like Sundays for some of the museums (everything’s usually closed on Sundays in Norway).

I also met up with stunning 15-year-old Sofie (@mellotune) for a little shoot on Majorstuen. Photos will be coming up in near future.


It’s been a few busy weeks since I came home from Australia. I know I said earlier that I wanted to leave because of the cold winter and it looks like I went to an even colder place instead. And I did. But only for a week, I promise. Norwegian summer, the real kind, will be awaiting me after the weekend.
I’m obsessed with glaciers and was lucky to get up close to one today when we were heading for Barentsburg, the Russian settlement on Svalbard. I’m getting used to regretting not bringing my DSLR with a  telephoto lens, because today, I didn’t bring it. There were a couple of seals chilling on the icebergs, but they were too far away to be able to capture them with my Fuji x100s.
More photos from our trip will hopefully be coming up here soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of the Esmark Glacier.

About Time

I know I haven’t blogged in ages, but I’ve been so busy with moving out, finishing my last assignments, and being as social as I possibly can before going home to Norway for the winter break. I got home this morning, actually. I can’t remember if it’s ever been this boring coming home. No one’s here to keep me company as I’ll be picking up my mum at the airport later. I’m trying to keep myself busy, so I’m pretending that I’ve almost unpacked my things (which I clearly haven’t), and I’ve been to the hairdresser where 40% of my hair ended up on the floor. Yes, it’s quite short now. If I were the sort of person who took self-portraits and uploaded them onto my blog, you could see how it looks like. But I’m not, so you won’t.
I have so many new images I want to share with you guys, but that I haven’t finished editing yet. I’ve been shooting heaps this semester, and not just for uni, mostly for me. I’m usually happier and more creative when I’m not working under pressure. Not that I don’t work well under pressure, I sometimes just need more time and less things on my mind when I want to create good images. And with juggling uni, work, ANSA and sometimes several shoots simultaneously, can be exhausting.
I’ve lately been obsessing over doing my assignments at good cafés in or around Melbourne. I find it hard to concentrate while I’m sitting at home trying to study. There are so many ways to distract myself. Everything from watching movies to making food and looking at the mess on my bedroom floor. I should probably consider writing reviews about all the cafés I’ve been to, and will be going to once uni starts again.