Ragnhild Utne


Last week, I worked together with talented makeup artist Ruby Gencer to create images in studio using body paint. Ruby used silver body paint to resemble clothing-like pieces on the model’s body. We started painting only her bottom part to make it look like underwear, and continued painting her upper part and then her entire body. It was truly an interesting concept and something I’ve never done before. Grace, our model, totally looked like a robot in the end.

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silver, body paint, artistic, creative, fine art, makeup artist, makeup, model, wink models, melbourne, australia, victoria, oceania, rmit university

Model: Grace Elliott @ Wink Models

Makeup Artist: Ruby Gencer

VAMFF Opening Event

Last night was the opening event of Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, presented by David Jones and supported by Vogue Australia, featuring collections from leading Australian designers. Two classmates and myself covered the event for voxfrock.com.au. Our teacher at uni got us passes to access all areas of the event. We started shooting makeup, hair and dressing backstage at 3pm to rehearsals on the runway. It was a really long day, and with tired necks and feet, we were all a bit out of it when the two shows were over at around 11pm. But it was so much fun and interesting seeing how all the organising of a runway show is done backstage.
















Sunday’s Yarra Valley Wine Tour





On Sunday, we drove to Yarra Valley for a wine tour at Punt Road.  The weather was lovely and it felt good leaving the busy city and head out to the country for the day. We tried a selection of great wines, from sparkled to white and red. Alcohol is so cheap in Australia compared to Norway, and since my birthday is coming up I got a good bottle of sparkled white wine to celebrate with.
Following the tasting at Punt Road, we had pizza for lunch at Napoleone & Co Ciders – which were absolutely delicious and we got so full from them as well. We barely needed any food from the rest of the day after that meal. Now I’m just looking forward to open that bottle of sparkled wine.


I’ve become more and more unsure of what I want to do with my life after I finish my degree in Melbourne. As I went through some images earlier today, to make a new Photoshop action for summery images, I became all sentimental and really just wanted to pack my things and get away – having no worries of what tomorrow will bring. I guess I just need to log off Pinterest and Instagram and stop looking at all these incredible photos of places around the world. My list of places I’d someday like to visit is becoming quite long.

The photo above is from a trip to Santorini the summer of 2012. Santorini is a place I always think back of – it’s just one of the most amazing places one can visit. And the light is so perfect for photography. I’ve already put this island on my list – again, though there are a few places further away that I would visit first, like Petra, Doha, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park and Marrakech. And then on my way home, I’ll stop off in Italy and Greece.

All these dreams…


If you’d like to get that warm look on your images as well, you can purchase the Photoshop action from my Etsy shop.

White Out

A few images from the editorial that I shot of my sister for the latest issue of Freedom Magazine.

I’ve always wanted to do a shoot with a clean look but instead of buying the clothes I decided to make them myself. Luckily, my dad owns a sewing machine (ironically) that I borrowed and I found some really affordable fabrics in a store outside Stavanger. The tailoring is not perfect but it was fun doing everything from the clothing design to putting the pieces together, and I got the clothes that I imagined.

The place I’m from in Norway is quite small and it’s not as easy finding makeup artists to collaborate with as it is in Melbourne, so I had to do the hair and makeup myself for this one. My sister didn’t need much makeup, though. Her pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes sort of did the job itself. I basically just wanted her skin to look dewy.

We Wear Future

One last photo shoot, one broken photo frame and one more can of gold spray paint and I was finally ready for the opening night of ‘We Wear Future’.

The exhibition was absolutely lovely and so many talents had their work presented. A close friend from uni came with me and was acting like a proud mum and taking photos of me posing next to my images, which was totally cool since my mum wasn’t able to attend. I was lucky to get a really good spot for my work – so you wouldn’t be able to avoid it, even if you wanted to.

They were also serving free ciders from Kopparberg, which made it even more enjoyable for a poor student (which would be myself).

This is the first fashion exhibition that I’ve taken part in and it feels amazing having my images showcased during the Melbourne Fashion Festival. I’m hoping that things like these can become a door opener for my career.

Behind the Scenes

It feels good being back down in Australia – especially when I get to work with these incredibly talented people again. Today’s been all about shooting the last image for an exhibition during Melbourne’s Fashion Festival that I’m participating in. It’s called ‘We Wear Future’ and I’m showcasing a metallic series of four images (you can see a couple of the other images in the background – all framed and ready to be viewed at the gallery). So if you’re in Melbourne this Friday at 6pm, head over to the opening night at Brunswick Street Gallery for some cheap drinks, cool music and incredible work by a large variety of artists. I’ll be doing something cool with the frames as well, to make them stand out, so I’ll be sharing some images from the opening.