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2015 in review

2015 was a busy year for me. Because so many things happened – some worth mentioning, some not – I’ve tried to sum it up as shortly as possible through a few questions to myself.

What countries did you visit? Australia (of course), Scotland, Singapore, New Zealand.

What was the most amazing place you visited? That’s a tough one. It’s either Edinburgh or the Whitsunday Islands.

What important lesson did you learn? To get out of bad situations as soon as possible.

What one event will you tell your grandchildren about? That I was invited to meet Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway at their first official state visit to Australia in February.

What have you done in 2015 that you want to do more of in the future? Travel! In 2015, I sat on 47 different airplanes and I’m currently carrying 5 different currencies. I feel like these are great excuses to travel again in near future.

What are you proud of? That I was elected as a new board member of ANSA’s Main Board for 15/16.

What is your favourite photo taken in 2015? I couldn’t decide, so these two are probably my favourites out of the bunch of photos I’ve taken over the year.

What goals did you achieve this year? I graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) with Distinction.

What will you do differently this year? To bring my camera with me everywhere I go like I used to, and to not be as critical to my work as I sometimes can be – it’s killing the fun of photography. And also to work harder and build my career.


Ragnhild Utne er en fotograf, kommunikasjonsdesigner og guide bosatt i Longyearbyen. Hun har en bachelorgrad i fotografi fra RMIT University, Australia, og en mastergrad i kommunikasjonsdesign fra University of the Arts London.

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  • frida

    fantastisk fine bilder av det som ser ut som en veldig fint år!

  • Stine

    You forgot another amazing thing about 2015… NEW ROOMATE and lots and lots of popcorn.


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