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Acne Studios

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I treated myself to a linen shirt from Acne Studios the other day. My excuse was that I didn’t get anything for myself for my birthday last month. I still think that was a great excuse. Acne Studios always use these soft, cute colours for their clothes, which I absolutely love. And their Scandinavian design reminds me of home.

I’ll be going home to Norway and summer in exactly two months today. So many people have been telling me to stay for the entire year seeing as it’s my last one in Australia, which I understand, but Melbourne winter is just so depressing. You constantly feel cold and it’s difficult finding a warm place where you can heat up. I could always head up north but what’s the point in that when my “home” is in Melbourne.

My days have been extremely busy lately. I got a job in the city less than a month ago and I’ve been working so much more than expected. And with uni, ANSA and work at the same time, I sure have something filling up my schedule. But it’s kind of nice being busy, though, I would get bored otherwise.


Ragnhild Utne er en fotograf, kommunikasjonsdesigner og guide bosatt i Longyearbyen. Hun har en bachelorgrad i fotografi fra RMIT University, Australia, og en mastergrad i kommunikasjonsdesign fra University of the Arts London.

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