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Broken Ovens and Other Stories

Oxford Street in London. Selfridges.


I’m sort of repeating myself on this blog. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: my life’s extremely busy, and starting to write a blogpost takes more time and effort than you should have thought (or maybe you got the idea, because you’re a struggling blogger yourself). I can start off by telling you how life has been since I last published anything on here. Which was, embarrassingly, in September, a few weeks after I moved to London. And now I’m here, two months later, finally sharing bits of my life with you again.

When you’re set to finish a postgrad in a year, you already get the feeling from before you startet that it’s going to be busy. But how busy? You can’t tell before you’re two months in and counting down to the Christmas Holiday (which is not actually a break from studying, because nothing’s called a break when you’re doing your MA in just a year). I’ve spent so many hours after bedtime working on everything from group projects to my manifesto — which got better feedback than what I could hope for, seeing as I wrote it at 4am. But from my own experiences, I actually do write quite well at 4am. Sadly. I could blame Australia again, and the time difference, but I did actually write a lot of good essays at 4am Down Under as well. So the conclusion is: I’m a surprisingly good writer at 4am. I did read an article once that creative people function better in the middle of the night. So I guess I fall under that category. Apparently, your brain does creative work better when you’re tired. A free tip for you if you’re looking to ace that exam next month.

Since that last blogpost, I’ve had my mum visiting me, I’ve explored London city, visited museums, and baked lots of delicious food. This weekend was well spent at home in Norway, refueling for our last week of group presentations this year. And now that our oven isn’t working properly, and we don’t know when we’ll have it replaced, I’m scared that I won’t be able to bake ginger cookies before I head home again in three weeks, to celebrate Christmas with my family. Let’s see if karma will be on my side this December. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to my flatmate, Amélie, for helping me out with the title (it’s not 4am so I couldn’t do that one myself).


Ragnhild Utne er en fotograf, kommunikasjonsdesigner og guide bosatt i Longyearbyen. Hun har en bachelorgrad i fotografi fra RMIT University, Australia, og en mastergrad i kommunikasjonsdesign fra University of the Arts London.

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  • Milla

    Detta bilde reflekterte innlegget perfekt. Og hei og hå for at eg fant deg igjen. Trodde eg følgte deg på bloglovin? Detta må eg gjør no med. Og tusen takk for den fine kommentaren Ragnhild <3


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