New York State

Sort of a “better late than never” blog post, but here are finally some photos from me and my mum’s trip to New York in the end of November. It was my first trip to the states and it was love at first sight (or maybe second ’cause it was raining the evening we arrived).  Even though there’s so much to see and do, we can’t say we did it all, but we did a lot. We visited small cafés, all the big museums, saw The Nutcracker at the New York City Ballet, which my mum used to read to me and my older sister when we were little.  We walked The High Line from Chelsea, saw The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and even fed squirrels in Central Park. I could have put down a long list of what we did, but I guess I’ll leave you to the photos like I usually do.

Photos are taken with Nikon D800, Fujifilm x100s and Olympus OM10 (analog).

Ragnhild Utne er en fotograf, kommunikasjonsdesigner og guide bosatt i Longyearbyen. Hun har en bachelorgrad i fotografi fra RMIT University, Australia, og en mastergrad i kommunikasjonsdesign fra University of the Arts London.

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